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Marinated Goat Fetta

We love making fresh marinated goat fetta with fresh herbs and spices from the farm. It makes for a great before dinner treat or an extra inclusion onto a salad bowl with the oil acting as a ready made salad dressing. Our fetta is placed in a low salt brine which preserves the nutiness of the cheese and is made with our fresh farm milk.

Why not have a go at making some yourself!


340 gm – Fetta
1 t. Chilli flakes
1 t. Peppercorns
1 t. Oregano
2 x Garlic cloves pealed
A nice Olive Oil (We got ours from Rylestone Olive Press 1 hour from us on the way to Mudgee)
Sunflower oil (if storing in fridge or a while see note)
3 x Cloves for a Christmas flare
A sterilized jar

Cut the Fetta into cubes and lightly crush the garlic cloves with the flat of your knife. Then combine all the ingredients above into a jar with the Fetta. Finally pour the olive oil over the top until the cheese is completely covered.  Place the lid on and leave in a warm part of the fridge for around 48 hours. There you have it home made marinated fetta!

Note: If you are storing it for a period use a blend the olive and sunflower oil. Mix one part olive oil and two parts sunflower oil. If you don’t do this the oil will start to solidify around the cheese due to the coldness of your fridge. If this happens just leave it out for a little while before serving.     

Get your order in today and tomorrow for dispatch next week.

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Healthy Goat’s Milk Kefir

Goat’s milk kefir is a very popular health probiotic yoghurt drink, which can contain a huge number of probiotics with a variety of health benefits. We are wondering if you would be interested in a product like this in Australia.

Some of these health benefits are:

  1. It’s a good source of Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin B2, Magnesium, & Vitamin D
  2. The actual grains contain about 30 strains of bacteria and yeasts, making it a very rich and diverse probiotic source
  3. Probiotics such as kefir can help restore the balance of friendly bacteria in the gut

Here’s the link to where I found this information.

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Bad news for licensed Raw Goat Milk in Victoria

Raw milk thumbanilJannei’s licensed raw milk is no longer available in our two Victorian shops due to the Victorian Health Authority and Victorian Government policy in this area.

You can on the other hand get it delivered to your door through our cold milk delivery service.

Jannei milk has been legally registered and approved in four other states for over 20 years.

We are disappointed that the authorities in Victoria have just blanket everyone into there laws because of providers that were illegally selling their milk with poor food handling standards.

We want to apologise to our customers as we won’t be able to supply our two shops with fresh raw milk (Terra Madre and Passion Foods).

We would ask you to approach your local member to ask to have this policy changed.

We will update you with information of who you might approach more directly.

You can buy Jannei  RAW goats milk bulk from the factory, freighted to you directly, as we have a refrigerated freight company that can deliver in bulk (6+ litres).

For more information please check out our online service

Jannei can be frozen on arrival and defrosted as you have need.

We want to assure our loyal customers that our milk is LICENCED, LEGAL and CLEAN passing rigorous testing and standards at the dairy to ensure quality and safety for consumers.


The Jannei team

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2016 Gold Awards | Jannei girls have been awarded Gold again

2016 Gold Awards

The exciting news is that Jannei goat dairy has won two more Gold Awards at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The Judges have given Jannei a gold award for our unpasteurised goat milk and our Bent Back Chevre fresh matured white mould cheese.

2016 Silver, Bronze Awards

Our Buche Noir also won silver and our Cheddar Chevre style achieved a Bronze.

This means that our freshest product, Milk, all the way to the other end has won gold.

fresh taste and healthy quality is the major aim when we produce our products. A dedication to clean milk with approved quality control systems and of course our beautiful Dairy Does have all contributed to achieving this result.

Entering our cheeses yearly into these competitions helps us gauge how our product is going out in the wider community of cheese’s. Providing us with the opportunity change and improve what we do.

So it’s been a great way to see the summer out. Thanks everyone for your support.


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Difference between a handmade Miette and a Brie you buy in the supermarket?

What is the difference between say a handmade Miette and a Brie you buy in the supermarket?

White mould cheeses are better known by people in Australia as Brie or Camembert. Interestingly enough, a lot of the Bries and Camemberts are re-creations of a cheese that came out France from the town called Camembert. Camembert cheese was reputedly first made in 1791 by Marie Harel, a farmer, following advice from a priest who came from Brie, according to wikipedia of course!

Well, you might ask what’s the difference between the typical supermarket bought white mould cheese and a handmade one?

The main differences are:

  • Development of flavour
  • No preservatives
  • Quality boutique production

Unlike store bought cheese, fresh handmade white mould cheese continues to develop in flavour over a number weeks actually changing in consistency over its life time.

The White Mould GuideWe’ve come up with a little chart that helps you track the flavour you might be after particularly in our cheese. Results of course will differ because of fridges and other factors outside our control, but this is our general rule of thumb to track your cheese as it develops.

Our shop reopens on the 11th of January sign up to the email list below to be get updated.


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Recipes with Goat Cheese

Miette - Jannei goat cheese

We are compiling a list of recipes with goat cheese in them to give you some creative inspiration behind the meals you cook with our cheese

– Entrée –

Strawberry Goat Cheese Guacamole

Goat Cheese Truffles

Zucchini & Goats Cheese Bruschetta

Flatbread with Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onions

 – Mains –

French lentil Salad with goat cheese

Goat cheese Lemon Pasta

Caramelized Onion, Goat Cheese, and Prosciutto Pizza

Mussels and White Wine Goat Cheese Broth 

More to come…

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Goat cheese wedding cake

Last December the wedding bells where ring, the reception hall was set and our cheese stood in place of the normal wedding cake. I had spent a small amount of time over the last two weeks molding a Prairie Cream ( Camembert style cheese) and Buche Blanc. Then added them together with an Aged Jannei Cheddar.

Forming the first Jannei goat cheese wedding cake! The big day final arrived and Bronwyn Webb had this to say about the day.

“It was all really tasty and so popular, there is not much left!! The cream was beautiful– it was all just right!…They had a bit of a job cutting it which was amusing as well! It was a gorgeous day and the “cake” played a grand part in it all, thank you so much!”

Goat Cheese Wedding cake  - Cheddar, Prairie Cream and Buche Blanc


If you ever have a special goat cheese cake request or any other type please contact us and well see how we can help!

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Emirates Wolgan Valley invites Jannei to Showcase their Cheese

The Gates Opened for Jannei on Sunday the 17th.

We had a great time at the Emirates meeting Damien Brabender Head Chef and displaying our cheeses to the guests and associates at this small event.

It was great meeting the people that make the Emirates what it is and we where very encouraged by the partnership our product has created with them. The Wolgan Valley is a beautiful place for bush walks, picnic’s and recently Emerites has setup an exclusive retreat out their where you can relax be pampered and escape that busy city life.


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Open day picnic review

The Farm Picnic day went well.

The day was blustery and cool so we think that deterred people but the experience was still fun for those that came. We had lots of complements on the cheese being delicious.

Everyone enjoyed holding the baby Kids. The girls helped here and where great. The Boys helped on the farm trail and everyone helped get the farm ready so Wow! Spring cleaning all done!

The farm looks great even the wisteria is in flower, usually eaten by now by Crimson Rosella’s! It was a great trial run and we hope to develop the idea so more families know about it. Anyway check out the photos below on it when you get time and give us any suggestions or feed back.

If you have a group that wants to visit the farm please contact us via email or phone and organise a time. We would love to have you. You might be travelling past please drop in, call or email if you want make sure we don’t miss you!

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Jannei – School Holidays Picnic

This is late notice but families and singles who love our cheese or goats are welcome at our picnic day. We are having 1/2 hourly tours of the farm & tastings of cheese 11am till 3pm October the 3rd. B.Y.O picnic.

Then also a mud map self guided tour to go slow around the farm and experience nature with the family.

The idea is to join a tour or cheese tasting when you are ready and in between have a picnic and pet the goats as you go on the 10minute walk /half hour trail. The goats will be fed at 2.30pm finish- 3pm.

Its $10 a family that’s two adults with children or $5 for singles. We are setting up a WC so all good. Praying for good weather now!

Download   Broshure here.

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