Our Story...

Started with a dream and a herd of milking goats over 20 years ago, and has been driven since by a value for sustainable farming and traditional cheese making practises.

The Milk & Goats

Quality dairy products start with what our does eat.  Fed twice a day on fresh high grade fodder grown in the local area. We use whole grains and naturally grown hay. The goats live happy lives from the young staying with their mothers to the old living in our retirement paddock.

The herd of approximately 150 dairies does and a few bucks is predominantly Saanen, with some earlier Alpine and Toggenburg genes. The Saanen goat originated from the Swiss dairy goat breed. Basic feeds used are Lucerne hay, oats, barley, copra meal and pollard, with other oil grains being added in winter. The does are housed overnight in sheds. Goats like to stay dry and warm so when the weather changes quickly in our alpine environment of over 900 meters they love to snuggle up together in their sheds

The Cheese

Our products reflect the quality milk they’re made from. Eating our cheeses and drinking the milk will quickly reveal its delicate, creamy taste and character. Fresh and clean like mountain air. Flavour is developed by aging the various cheese styles and managing their environment

Our products are made by taking the farm fresh milk daily; hand culturing and setting the milk into curds and whey. These are then cut, drained, stirred, moulded, shaped or aged into various cheese that we make. You can see our products page to learn a little bit about the process for each cheese and their history, individual stories, and awards.

Quality and consistency in our products, is evident in the amount of awards our cheeses have received over the years. Our customers comment that our cheese does stay the same. We have achieved 2 Champion cheese awards and a Grand Dairy Champion award, the highest award in Australia. See the other gold, silver and bronze awards listed with each cheese.

Jannei Goat Dairy - Australian Goat cheese

The Family

Jannei has developed from a lot of hard work by a husband and wife team. Finding its name from Janette and Neil Watson Two generations of Australian farmers came before them and there has been a sense of carrying on the heritage of farming from third to fourth generation of Watson family farmers.

Now the human kids -have two more families that are deeply supportive and interested in the family business. Our son, Nick, has been a close team member for the last few years keeping the business up to date with technology. Jannei is striving to develop a team, including family, staff, and customer partnerships, that will help us continue producing natural sustainable products in a sustainable business.

We value our community and have a vision to grow and develop more employment and tourism opportunities to our village at Lidsdale.

The Awards

Jannei has always sought to provide its customers with a quality sustainable product which is evident in the amount of awards it has won over the years, amounting to more than 30 gold awards since 1998 and numerous silver awards in specialist cheese shows across Australia.

Three times we have been the most successful exhibitor in the goats milk class at the Sydney Royal Show. In 2004 our  Bent Back Chèvre won champion cheese at the Australian Specialty Cheese Show and 2008 saw us win champion non-bovine at the Grand Dairy Awards with the Bûche Noir making this cheese the overall Australian champion in the Non Bovine cheese section.

The kids, Jannei Goat Dairy
Miette - Jannei goat cheese