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Jannei’s Lidsdale, a distinctive semi-hard goat cheese, matures in summer with rich milk, defying conventional cheddar styles. Handcrafted into a 3-kilo wheel, it evolves from a milder taste at 4-8 months to an intense richness with sweet parmesan notes after 12-24 months. A product of Neil’s 28-year cheese-making journey, Lidsdale encapsulates Jannei’s commitment to artisanal excellence. Named after the location near Lithgow, it won Silver in 2010 under the playful moniker “Hill Billie Goat.” Serve at room temperature, allowing its unique flavors to flourish. Indulge in wedges, 150-175gm, each with an 8-week best-before date.

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Jannei Lidsdale, a semi-hard mature goat cheese crafted during the summer months with rich summer milk, stands as a testament to artisanal excellence. While inspired by a cheddar recipe, this hand-made 3-kilo ripened wheel is a unique creation, diverging significantly in character. Its potential unfolds in a range of flavors, from a very rich profile with sweet parmesan notes when matured for 12 months to two years, to a milder yet tasty experience at 4-8 months. Typically available for purchase at 8 to 12 months old, this cheese embodies the dedication of 28 years of cheese-making expertise.

The Lidsdale, nurtured yearly from its inception, holds a special place in Neil’s cheese-making journey. Initially conceptualized 28 years ago, it mirrors the kind of cheese one might venture over mountains to discover in France, yet here, you find Neil at Jannei Farm just outside Lithgow! Serve Lidsdale at room temperature, allowing it to sit for an hour before unveiling its rich flavors. Notably, when its taste was particularly robust, it earned the moniker “Hill Billie Goat” and secured a Silver award in 2010. With Lidsdale, you have the opportunity to curate an entire platter of Jannei cheeses.

Delight in the experience of Jannei Lidsdale, available in small vacuum-sealed wedges weighing 150gm to 175gm, each with an 8-week best-before date, ensuring the freshness of this artisanal masterpiece.

Awards & achievements

2010 Silver Medal HBG Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show
2007 Bronze Medal Mudgee Fine Foods Awards
2006, 2003 Silver Medal Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show
2002 Gold Medal Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show
2000 Gold Medal Regent Good Living Awards

Nutrition information

Cheddar Chèvre PER SERVE 30gms PER 100gm
Average Energy 226kj 452kj
PROTIEN 15.2gms 30.5gm
Fat – Total 16.7gms 33.5gms
Saturated 12.3gms 24.6gms
Carbohydrate – Total 1.1gm 2.2gm
Sugars 1.1gm 2.2gm
Sodium 173mg 346mg

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150gm, 300gm

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  1. Eugene Khoo

    This is another great cheese from Jannei. In response to the much-loved grana padano, Jannei has come out with a viable contender. Highlights of grass and subtle almonds, this is something to eat on its own or whenever you need a harder cheese for culinary application. It will not be unreasonable to negotiate for a whole wheel of cheese to be aged longer if these are your requirements, call Jannei and see. Farm visit 4 Mar 2016, Reviewed 6 Mar 2016.

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