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Indulge in Prairie Cream, our artisanal Camembert-style goat cheese, meticulously crafted with a delicate white mould for a light, creamy, and subtly flavoured experience. True to our commitment to natural goodness, no additives inhibit its maturation, allowing authentic flavors to flourish. Extend the taste journey by maturing beyond the 4-week best-before date, intensifying the depth. A culinary masterpiece for summer gatherings, pair with quality white wine for a delightful experience. Whether fully ripened or enjoyed fresh, Prairie Cream caters to diverse palates, wrapped in cheese foil and weighing 130-150gms. Revel in this unique farm-fresh cheese within its 4-week best before date.

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Introducing Prairie Cream, our delightful Camembert-style cheese that captures the essence of artisanal craftsmanship. Enriched with a delicate white mould during the culturing process, this cheese is then meticulously drained into small wheels, embodying the classic circular form. Immerse yourself in the sublime experience of this light and creamy creation—a subtly flavoured cheese that transcends the ordinary.

True to our commitment to pure and natural cheese, nothing is added to slow down the maturation process. Prairie Cream matures gracefully, developing authentic, unadulterated flavours. Extend the journey of taste by maturing beyond its recommended 4-week best-before date; wrap it in greaseproof paper for an intensified length and depth of flavour.

This cheese is not just a delight for the taste buds; it’s a culinary masterpiece for summer gatherings paired with a quality white wine. Whether fully ripened for peak indulgence or savoured earlier for a fresh cheese experience with a wow factor, Prairie Cream caters to diverse palates.

Wrapped in cheese foil, Prairie Cream, weighing around 130 to 170gms, is a versatile delight. Enjoy its delicate creaminess at any stage, or stall the ripening process by refrigerating it in greaseproof paper. An exquisite and unique farm-fresh cheese, Prairie Cream invites you to savour its authentic flavours within the 4-week best before date. Elevate your cheese experience with the artisanal allure of Prairie Cream – a true testament to the artistry of fine cheese making.

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