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The Prairie Cream is our camembert style cheese. It has a white mould added at culturing and then is drained into small wheels to form the traditional circular shape cheese. Light and creamy this is a subtly flavoured cheese. Yet it has, flavour. Like all our cheese’s nothing is added to inhibit maturation so yes it develops lovely natural pure flavours. You can mature this cheese longer than its 4 week best before date by wrapping it in greaseproof paper. This can increase the length and depth of flavour. A do it yourself great accompaniment to summer entertaining with a quality white wine. When fully ripened it is at its peak but eaten earlier it satisfies the more fresh cheese style palette with wow experience added . A lovely delicate creamy cheese that is wrapped in cheese foil .You can enjoy it at all stages. Ripening can also be stalled by placing it in grease-proof paper in the fridge. An exquisite and unique fresh farm cheese with a 4 week best before date.

Prairie Cream usually weighs out at under 200gms. It is wrapped in cheese foil.

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