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The Miette is French for crumb. Named because it is so nice you will want to eat the last crumb! It is a fresh white mould cheese, close to the Croton French style cheese. Wrapped at one to two weeks old in cheese foil it is lovely and fresh with a mellow lingering creaminess Just a touch more deliciously developed for the connoisseur, than the pressed fresh cheese (Bûche Blanc).

If left in the foil it will continue to age over the four week best before with the foil holding in the moisture so that the Miette develops a beautiful moist creamy softness . If taken out of the foil at about two weeks before the best before date and placed in grease proof paper it will dry slowly and gain a more developed flavour with a longer length of palette. (Place in the cheese drawer or container) Left 3 to 4 weeks and it will be solid to grate very finely like a parmesan style.

So keep the foil and put in back in foil again so you can enjoy the Miette at any of these stages.
Miette comes in 130 gm rounds . wrapped in cheese foil.

Awards & achievements

2010, 2006 Gold Medal Sydney Australian Speciality Cheese Association
2007, 2006 Silver Medal Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show

Nutrition information

Miette PER SERVE 30gms PER 100gm
Average Energy 363kj 1056kj
PROTIEN 5.3gms 17.7gm
Fat – Total 6.4gms 21.5gms
Saturated 4.5gms 15.0gms
Carbohydrate – Total 1.4gm 4.6gm
Sugars 0.5gm 1.9gm
Sodium 137mg 458mg

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  1. Nick

    Great cheese to crack open with friends over a glass of wine. Taste best if left for a week after buying! 5 Stars

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