RAW Goat Milk Delivery

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Get fresh raw goat milk delivered to your door.

In your box you will receive the following:

  • 1 litre bottles
  • 100% natural with no added chemicals
  • Licensed clean and tested raw goat milk
  • Farm to door cold shipping
  • Award winning milk
  • NSW health and safety licence (No. 17319 NSWFA)

See delivery locations and days below.

1 – 51 litres per order – three boxes max, the third box has no extra freight charged as a summer special only from November to December.
note – our website now has a minimum spend of $39 (before shipping costs). 

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Delivery Schedule for Raw Milk

Click here to view our delivery locations and schedule

Please get your raw goat milk orders in by Sunday Night for delivery the following week. In winter we will reduce the stock on the web site according to how much the goats are producing. The change in season can reduce our supply daily . Apologies in advance if you miss out. We will restcock each week- usually Wednesday evening or Thursday mornings in winter- in summer the stock available will be up and available and you can order all week but Sunday is the cut off as usual-for deliveries the following week. Late orders may not be put through till the following week but in summer Monday 9am orders can usually be sent out as well. Also if a product is available still it can be sent if the order is in early Mondays- Deliveries are packed Monday and are booked to arrive Wednesday unless your delivery day is later or earlier. You can request a day and we will see if it can be done – if not you will be notified. (CBD customers have a choice- deliveries can be requested for Tuesdays to Fridays). Outer suburbs vary in delivery -Thursday for some areas. Newcastle is Tuesday . Canberra is Wednesday or Friday, after a public Holiday it is Friday. Dural is Tuesday and all post codes 2259-2281-
Please note again-any orders made late on Monday will not be dispatched until the following week especially during winter. Thank you for supporting our artisan farm business. We lower stock and quantities’ available in winter as goats are seasonal milk producers.

NEW NOTE: We can pack glass milk please email info@jannei.com if you are interested in this item as we are organising the stock required in bottles for this service. Thanks 🙂 the option will be on the web site next summer-$15.35 a litre.

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10 reviews for RAW Goat Milk Delivery

  1. Kim (verified owner)

    Yes, it all works – pristine goat milk on your doorstep! No need to worry about whether it will be at the shop or not. If you don’t want to use all of it by a week, it freezes and thaws well, but freeze it early on, not just before the expiry date.

    Also, make sure it goes straight in the fridge on delivery – it’s raw quality means it doesn’t have much tolerance for temperature change.

  2. Jack (verified owner)

    Excellent milk product very tasty fast shippping and great customer service highly recommend it

  3. Nicholas

    Great milk I get it every couple of months and freeze it, defrosting as I have need. Fresh creamy and by far the best goat milk I have ever drunk.

  4. Monika (verified owner)

    Happy lady here. Outstanding quality of milk. Enjoying the wonderful health benefits Jannei goats milk provides. For as long as you sell it Jannei, I will buy it!

  5. Yvette (verified owner)

    Lovely goats milk, I could not have been more delighted with the product and was very happy to have found some raw milk to drink whilst pregnant. Thank you jannei

  6. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    Amazing product and it actually clabbers/sours pleasantly like real milk should.

  7. Santosh (verified owner)

    Great tasting, fresh goats milk. No fuss delivery, great farm and fantastic service. All of which are so rare to find, only downside is that the max order number keeps reducing 🙁

    Hope things pick up soon Jannei!

  8. Nicholas Watson

    Thanks Santosh, we hope to return to normal 17 litres max once the drought breaks. Also because of our natural process’ winter always will see a fall in milk supply and unfortunately a rise in cost per litre.

  9. sumaya_popal (verified owner)

    I have only ordered the raw goat milk once, and I bought 5 bottles. I finished all 5 bottles in one week (there was even one day where I had one whole bottle :P). Delivery service is excellent, no complaints there. As the price (especially delivery) is pretty high, I can only afford to buy this from time to time, I do hope conditions on their farm improve and the milk becomes cheaper, I’d love to order the milk almost every week.
    Raw milk is definitely better than homogenized and pasteurized milk (I have completely stopped drinking those) you can even begin to feel the difference after a while of drinking it.

  10. Christopher Vidal (verified owner)

    I ordered this milk to use it for preparing Maltese cheese (gbejniet), and I must say it is the best. Very good results, so planning to use it to prepare other home made cheeses.

  11. Ismail Ersoy (verified owner)

    Great Milk. Made raw ice-cream and Kefir both were delicious. I drink it and so does my son, feels like my childhood when you could actually taste what real milk was. thank you Jannei

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