Goat Milk Whey Protein


At Jannei, we take pride in the quality and nutritional richness of our products, especially our fresh whey protein is obtained during the cheese-making process. Our Goat Milk whey protein stands out for its high levels of oligosaccharides prebiotic, recognized for fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria that positively impact digestion.

Derived from Goat Milk, a composition akin to human breast milk, our whey is an ideal addition to the human diet. Packed with essential proteins, minerals, and amino acids, goat whey presents potential health benefits when incorporated into a balanced diet.

For added convenience, freeze our whey to prolong its shelf life, ensuring you have access to this natural and nutrient-rich product for an extended period. It’s worth noting that our whey is a pure, unadulterated product, with no added salt, aligning with our commitment to providing wholesome and natural offerings. Elevate your nutritional intake with Jannei’s Goat Milk whey, a delicious and health-conscious choice for those seeking the best in natural dairy products.

Available in 1 litre bottles

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Nutrition information

PER SERVE  100ml
Average Energy 119kj
Fat – Total 6gms
Saturated 5gms
Carbohydrate – Total 4.7gm
Sugars 3.9gm
Sodium 29.mg



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