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Get our full flavoured box packed with punch. Our entire white mould range and a tasty Cheddar Chèvre. This box is for anyone how likes cheese full of flavour.

Included in this box is –
  • Prairie cream
  • Meitte
  • Bentback
  • Cheddar chèvre

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Jannei Mature box it contains our new seasons Jannei Lidsdale-( the old Cheddar Chevre)- The Lidsdale has won gold in 2002 and 2022.
It is a favourite destination cheese at the farm along with our marinated fetta’s.

The Lidsdale is at present 4 months matured . It has sweet parmesan notes and long lingering flavour.

Jannei artisan cheese styles give you an amazing variety on the cheese plate – save for a special occasion.

The Bent Back- named after the local coal mining history- it is a multi award winning cheese with 14 gold awards and many others another Jannei signature cheese.

The Miette is a favourite at present at the dairy. It is a white mould matured goats milk cheese it the style of a small camembert.
The Prairie Cream develops more intense flavour with age and is also a camembert style cheese.

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