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Curd it first here… Goats curd and it’s uses

Goats curd is a taste versatile product which can be used in across a range of dishes.

Curd it first here… is the title of a post Sophie Hansen wrote after a visit to our farm.

In her blog post you see some amazing photos of the food she has created using our cheese. She includes two great recipes that you could use in your cooking at home. Especially the cheese fritters for cold winter weekend days!

Check out the article on Sophies great blog ‘local-lovely’

We would love to hear how you use or have used our cheese!

If you’re a chef looking for goats curd made with fresh award winning milk we would love to chat so please get in touch.

Jannei creates fresh cheese from its sole herd of Saanen milking goats. Fed with fresh fodder and rolled grains sourced from local growers. We provide a unique hand crafted food experience.