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The farm in winter, Jannei Goat Dairy, Australian Goat cheese

Brrrrr! Its very cold here on the farm at Lidsdale and the goats haveknocked off … winter is well and truly here. Temperatures are reaching bellow 0 C at night and 2C in the day . The girls and three boys are keeping cosy in the sheds. Tim is faithfully milking the girls facing wind, rain and mud so that the Jannei curd reaches Sydney chef’s and “some” raw milk ,yogurt and cheese still reaches health food stores. Sadly though its is being rationed.! Mark at Whole Foods House said today that their customers have to take the milk by turns on a three week roster!

Wow….. we are glad you all like our milk so much! Also another customer said he could eat 10 x 600gm yoghurt a week! He is going to have to wait till spring! but its great he loves it so much. We felt quite chuffed wgen he said we had the best products in Sydney!

Its good to note here though that March is the last good milk production month for Jannei so customers please order extra raw milk to freeze for winter as we have had many phone calls and enquiriies to diustributers for milk and there is nothing we can do about the Goats when they get hit with the cold Lithgow weather in May , “thats it” they say and turn off their taps !

We will all have to wait till Spring…and talking about Spring too, that ‘s when the kidding begins in August and September . So during July the production is so low the human’ s will try to take a break . The girls still produce some milk so there is always someone here to milk but it is time to take some time off cheesemaking which we hope to get customers used too. That is only for a week or two in July though, so don’t panic we are passionate about supplying our customers to the best of our ability and lets face it we need to make cheese and sell the milk in one form or another so we are never away long but its a necessity that the humans on site re-energise ready for summer when it gets rather hectic again!

A Note for the Chef’s:

Chef’s please note that the curd freezes rather well and it can be defrosted in the fridge with perfect results!!So stick some away late summer for later when it is short and we will appreciate the sales too when we have so much milk , we are scratching around trying to work out what to make next in summer. * Even though we are pretty good at that as we make our Cheddar and Fetta and they are going well, but you will have to wait till next spring to try the Fetta as its almost gone already ,if its news to you !The interest in it has increased through the girls at Simon Johnson’s promoting sales with the Dank street Depot , plus our sales to Bontons in Leura and Sydney City Organic and Blancmange are getting it out to the smaller shops in Sydney in small 150to 200gm units . We will definitely make more next
summer as we didn’t capitalise on the milk as well as we could have last summer , leaving kids on their mothers longer lengths of time.

Anyway thats all from the farm at present. watch this space for our kids arriving in August we will be posting the proud mums and their babies on this page!

Gggggggoooooo Goat Milk Bye 🙂 Jan …at Jannei

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