Raw Goats Milk

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Fresh, natural, unprocessed RAW goat’s milk.

There’s a saying  ‘you are what you eat’.

At Jannei we believe quality creamy tasting milk starts with what we feed our goats and, can we say, our goats feast every morning and night on fresh high grade fodder grown in the local area.

Along with this we do everything naturaly with no added hormones to increase milk production.

The milk is captured twice a day and is cooled as soon as it comes out of the machine, this process locks away all its fresh qualities and ensures it stays fresher for longer. Soon after that we bottle it with no added chemicals or preseratives and send it directly to your local supplier.

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We put our milk through rigorous weekly tests with our local pathology organisation and have been licenced by the NSW government since 1995.

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When you pick up your RAW goat milk from us you can be sure that the milk is coming straight from us the farmer. Your hard earned cash is going straight back into supporting the local economy with jobs and sustainable farming practises.

Goat Milk is available from the farm and select stores in 1 litre plastic screw top bottles with a seven day best before date.

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Awards & achievements

2016 Gold Medal Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show
2009 Silver Medal Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show

Nutrition information

Unpasteurised goats milk PER SERVE 30gms PER 100gm
Average Energy 645kj 258kj
PROTIEN 8.0gms 3.2gm
Fat – Total 9.5gms 3.8gms
Saturated 0gms 0gms
Carbohydrate – Total 9.3gm 3.7gm
Sugars 9.3gm 3.7gm
Sodium 170mg 83mg


1 review for Raw Goats Milk

  1. Tye

    Family buy this milk when it is available and not sold out at Terra Madre in Northcote.

    A delicious and enjoyable milk. Acquaintances who have a dislike of goat milk flavour found it pleasant when provided with an opportunity to taste it.

    Thank you for supplying this milk.

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