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Goat cheese wedding cake

Last December the wedding bells where ring, the reception hall was set and our cheese stood in place of the normal wedding cake. I had spent a small amount over the last two weeks molding a Prairie Cream ( Camembert style cheese) and Buche Blanc. Than added them together with an Aged Jannei Cheddar.

Forming the first Jannei goat cheese wedding cake! The big day final arrived and Bronwyn Webb had this to say about he day.

“It was all really tasty and so popular, there is not much left!! The cream was beautiful– it was all just right!…They had a bit of a job cutting it which was amusing as well! It was a gorgeous day and the “cake” played a grand part in it all- thank you so much!”

Cheddar and Prairie Cream and Buche Blanc 7th December2013


If you ever have a special cheese cake request please contact us and well see how we can help!

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